Puzzles on shabbos

Is it ok to make puzzles on shabbos? any difference for kids and adults?

Totally permissible. No difference adult or child.

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Even a puzzle you plan on keeping when done & not taking apart after finishing? Maybe even framing it?


It’s still not considered permanent even if you are in the minority and treat it as permanent

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Is the same true with Legos? Why have people called it boneh (building)? Thanks

Same is true for legos. Can’t speak for other Rabbanim, but Rabbi Abadi permits.

Why isnt puzzles borrer if he dosent finish the puzzle in one sitting inevitably he will be separating the pieces he is not using now

Because he is always choosing the piece he wants right now to continue making the puzzle. So at that moment he is taking the good that he wants not separating.

Hi is it borer if after the meal one has a almunim pan with water filled with different utensils spoons forks knives etc and wants to put some in the dish washer and some in the draw
For tomorrow ?

Thats a problem