Rabeinu Tam Tefillin

What is the Rav’s opinion re: wearing Rabeinu Tefilin?

I asked the Rav numerous times and he never said to go and wear them

So does that mean “not necessary” or shouldn’t?

It means shouldn’t, until he tells you you should.

Does he think a person who is מחזק בחסידות should wear them as the mechaber states in shulchan aruch?
Does he, alternatively, not think you can find such a person?
Or does he like the idea of the Vilna Gaon vis a vis that statement in the Shulchan Aruch?
What it his position on the textual evidence in Shut Min Hashamayim? Does he have anything to say about psak from nevuah or angelic revelations?

I do not know his reasons. Although Rabbi Abadi himself always wears both sets of tefillin at the same time.