Rav Abadi atifa tallit gadol

Which method follows Rav Abadi for the atifa of the talit gadol ?

On this as well, he follows the way of his Rebbi, Maran Ha Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Ahron Kotler z’tl

He puts the talit over his head somewhat extended to approximately eye level or covering his forehead, then adjusts the shoulders whereby he is wearing the talit, he then waits a short time and then adjusts the top of talit on his head or on his shoulders.

so if I understand well he’s not doing atifa yishmaelim or wrapping, he just puts the tallit as it will be worn during the whole tefila (except for the top covering the forehead)


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does he say the beracha with the talit in front of him or while holding it behind him ?

also does he say bAtzitzis (patach) or bEtzitzis (sheva) ?

In front of him.

bEtzitzis (sheva)