Rav Yitzchak Abadi on Sukkot

Some pictures I took this morning.


Why doesn’t the Rav wear Tefillin on Hold Hamoed if the majority of the Rishonim and Talmud imply to wear Tefillin on Hold Hamoed. Is their a reasoning besides the SA saying it’s now the custom?

I noticed the holders being “Askenasi” (what’s said to be). Also is the Etrog Teimani?

1 The Rav Follows the SA regarding teffilin on chol Hamoed

  1. The holder is ashkenaz probably because whoever bought him the lulav this year brought it together

  2. The Rav does not use a teimani etrog because The Rosh Yeshiva zatzal (Rav Ahron Kotler) did not approve of non Chazon ish etrogim.

Also worthy of mention is that the Rav is holding the lulav in one hand and the etrog in the other as this is the correct way to do the mitzvah. As opposed to both in the same hand.