Rechitza (showering) in the 9 days

What is the Rav’s position on rechitza in the nine days? So many people don’t bathe and it’s totally Unbearable

Showering is absolutely required and a mitzvah. Those that don’t shower all 9 days are making a chillul Hashem. Here’s what the Rav says in his sefer Ohr Yitzchak.


What about during shavua s’hal bo?

Same. Always take showers… Just not on the actual fast day.

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Thank you for your candor Rabbi, so many people are hurting themselves by doing this.

Who is “the Rav” here?

The Rav that this site follows which is Rav Yitzchak Abadi. This site is run by the family and close talmidim of Rav Abadi.

Here you can see the first volume of the Rav’s sefer Ohr Yitzchak

rechitza, not retzicha - retzicha is always assur all year long.


Lol didn’t realize that typo in the topic. Ya I’m talking about showering (rechitza) not murder (retzicha).

Hey-- you guys changed my original post
What about people who relied on the original pesak!?

What are you referring to? What psak was changed?

Heter of Retzicha during nine days

Retzicha: Murder - never permitted.

Rechitza: Showering - permitted even during the 9 days except during the fast.

Oy vay-- is it ok bedieved if we relyed on the previous psak?

Oy vay - bedieved, you should turn yourself into the police. :smiley:

Hot shower ok?


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Can one shower as soon as tisha bav is over or must one wait until chatzos next day ?

As soon as the fast is over. No need to wait until the next day.

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is it a good idea shorten the amount of one spends in the shower, use less soap, colder water, etc?