Reciting Tehilim for the Sick


1)Is it allowed to recite Tehilim for someone who is sick?

  1. what about general tehilim groups women have, where they assign chapters to different people so they can “finish” all of Tehilim, once, twice or three times… this is all without singing miqra properly not to mention understanding what one is reading.

  1. nope

  2. saying Tehillim is wonderful. Hopefully they’ll learn the meanings and the proper pronunciation. But let’s put perfectionism aside and let people do their best.


Here is the source for not being allowed to say pesukim for a sick person.

It’s also very clear in the Shulchan Aruch.

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Where in the shulchan aruch does it say?



It would be Ok to learn any Torah and have in mind that the Zchut of that learning should benefit a specific sick person. That could technically mean that you can learn Tehillim in the zchut of a sick person. But just saying Tehillim for a sick person is a problem in Halachah.


Here is Rav Shlomo Zalman Orbach’s opinion on this. It is very similar.