Relying on ingredients for Pesach

How can we rely on ingredients lists for Pesach if even a single crumb of chametz would make the food assur?

First of all, companies don’t include crumbs of other food items or they will get serious lawsuits because of allergies.

If something did fall in, hypothetically, it’s batel before Yom Tov.

Then wouldn’t it be better to purchase food without KFP certification before Pesach so bitul would apply?

Sounds like you don’t like the first answer.

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Actually, I think his concern is not at all in dislike of the first answer. I think it’s a GREAT way to separate out KP items from ingredients-only items as a khumra, perhaps? I always buy anything that is not KP BEFORE Pesach (like milk).

You can buy them on Pesach also, as long as you know they were made before Pesach