Riced cauliflower

Is riced cauliflower okay without a hechsher since it’s finely diced to look like rice and bugs are getting chopped up ?

Diced isn’t good enough. Pureed would be ok. It has to be fine enough that there can’t be a whole bug.

So which one is it? Based on this previous post riced would be equivalent to chopped fine but now you say puree.

As R’ Aharon stated he was not addressing the bug issue per se, but as you are pointing out the cauliflower is chopped to resemble rice, A rice kernel is larger than (or equal in size to) a bug, and so diced to resemble rice would not be sufficient, as there is no way to insure the insect was in fact made not whole. R Yisrael was suggesting a way that the item will no doubt be permissible and that would be to puree it and would then negate the possibility of a whole bug.


If the Riced cauliflower is more like the consistency of fine couscous, would that be ok?

If the fine couscous is smaller than the bugs it would be ok. It’s hard to give a definitive answer without seeing.

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I’ve seen riced cauliflower with a hecksher. Does this mean it was checked for bugs and ok to use? I’ve seen it in the produce section at Trader Joes.

I don’t know. Find out from the kashrut company and let us know.

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I actually have contacted a couple kashrut agencies on this topic in the past. The one that certifies riced cauliflower never got back to me. One that certifies prewashed salad greens and they said that for the products they certify, if a crop has bug infestations, the whole field is trashed anyway, so that already reduces the amount of bugs, and then after the washing process, there’s way less than a miyut hamatoi

Still needs to be verified.