Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Rum

Kosher for Pesach for all

Is this rum stored in used bourbon casks like most are? If yes, what are your grounds for permitting?

First let’s point out that it is gluten free. Now, if it’s made in bourbon that comes from wheat, the wheat part is most definitely batel beshishim. It’s only in the walls of the cask. It’s a minimal amount, and the bourbon itself is only partially wheat. If it’s in sherry casks, the wine is batel in six parts into other liquids.

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I like rum, and I asked this question to your father. Yes, it is gluten-free and the gluten should be batel. And some companies even burn the casks before filling with rum. Still, your father would not be matir for Pesach.

You should have called me first. Lol.
You can’t expect an 85 year old man with limited googling experiences to feel comfortable answering a question like that without researching in advance.

I asked him when he was younger, about four years ago. Curious if you researched the actual impact of the flavor or assumed anything is batel anyway.


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Still good for pesach 2020?


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Still good for 2021?

Still good

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