Running/shower bracha on talis katan

2 questions:

  1. is it ok to take off tzitzis when running/excersing? Should one wear and just get them smelly?

  2. if one takes it off for any reason for any amount of time, do you always make a new bracha when putting back in?

  1. It’s OK.
  2. Big question in the poskim. Rabbi Abadi always recommends making a condition that “from now on any time I make a Bracha on Tzitzis, it’s only valid until I take them off next”. Then you can make a new a bracha every time you take them off.

Should I make a new bracha when taking off a talis to go to the bathroom? (I’m still wearing the talis katan)

Rabbi Abadi recommends making the above condition and then making a new bracha when putting the talis back on