Schach mats from home depot?

the CRC no longer endorses the bamboo mats from home depot for schach.

Does R’ abadi have an opinion on them?

We don’t know anything about schach mats from Home Depot.

If there is a specific mat you are referring to please provide more details and pictures and maybe we can help figure it out.

Did CRC say why they no longer endorse?

Not a lot of detail.

Not very clear as to what the CRC is referring to.

Here is a link to see what is being discussed. We purchased theses a number of years ago when the CRC was recommending them for schach. They seem to be suggesting this year that these products are not letting in enough light. I can tell you from my own experience having purchased these about 5 years ago that they let in about the same amount of light as did the bamboo poles that I used previously.

Phil Goldwasser

What is connecting all the bamboo slats together? Is it metal wire? If its metal wire then it can be problematic.

Different items have different materials. I believe that the one the CRC recommended five years ago was tied together with a nylon thread.

Why is the metal wire problematic?

It isn’t kosher schach and the bamboo mat has no support without it.

the cRc (not the CRC, that is a different organization) recommended mats (actually fences, as mats would be mekabel tumaah, but fences are not) with metal wires, as long as you put a pole under the mats in the same direction as the wires go, so the reeds are not technically being supported by the wires. I have some and they are questionable as to whether they have more shade than sun, but I use them in conjunction with other schach.

That’s most likely fine. Bring it up again sukkos time and we can revisit the topic and confirm.

What is the determination of using the reed mats at Home Depot for S’chach?

If they are plain reeds they are fine.

אור יצחק חלק א