Schmaltz for Pesach

Dear Rabbis,

This might be a stretch… I reserve schmaltz when I make chicken soup throughout the year. My chicken soup is made with all kosher for Pesach ingredients (no chametz or even kitniyot), however it is made in a regular pot with regular utensils (year-round knives to cut onions and veggies, etc.). It is made in a kitchen that is obviously not kashered for Pesach. I skim the fat off the soup with a year-round meat spoon, and save it in a disposable baggie in the freezer until I need it for another recipe. Any chance I can use the schmaltz for Pesach dishes?

Thank you!

The only way you can use it is if you know that nothing you used to cook slice etc was used with chametz within 24 hours. I would imagine that’s impossible unless you’re celiac

Hm, interesting. It is unlikely I would have used any of those utensils for chametz, but you’re right, it would be impossible to be 100% certain. So, matza balls made with oil it shall be! Thank you, and chag sameach v’kasher!!