Secular music

Is it okay to listen to secular music for pleasure ?
Is it okay to go to exercise classes where the music played is secular music ?

This is a big debate that we certainly don’t want to get in the middle of.
But let’s clarify a few points.
All music was officially banned in mourning of the loss of our Beit Hamikdash (Temple).
Today, in a time of much stress and where depression is rampant, most people need a certain amount of music. That’s certainly encouraged. Music with excersize is important.

The concept of Jewish music verses non-Jewish is not really an issue. The main issue is the content of the songs, ie the lyrics. In the Talmud it talks about non-Jewish music, saying it is not good to listen to it, however it is referring to music specifically from idol worship. That’s not really our issue these days, if we are not in India.

The interesting thing in Orthodox culture is this new concept of specifically and only listening to Jewish music, which is normally songs from Tehillim or other parts of Tanach. Ironically, the Talmud clearly forbids singing Pesukim.

Lyrics would be the biggest issue with music these days. For example, lyrics about love would be prohibited. Lyrics with profanity would be prohibited. Lyrics about anything forbidden by the Torah would be prohibited as well. No lyrics about killing, stealing…

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My exercise instructor plays secular music during her classes but she told me she specifically only chooses “clean songs” according to the rules set forth by the frum lady who runs the frum gym I attend. I can’t make out 90% of any secular song . Do I need to go and google the exact lyrics for the songs ?

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Nope, you’re good. God bless them.