Seder Shiur Requirements

  1. How much of a shmurah matzah is a kezayit?
  2. What about a machine made matzah?
  3. How much carpas do we eat?
  4. How much wine per cup?

My stomach thanks you!

A kazayit is about 1/3 of a machine matzah. Use your imagination for the round ones.
No specific amount of carpas
The cup should hold 5.1 oz.
For Afikoman you can go with the smaller opinion of kazayit 1/6 of machine matzah

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Why Soo much?

Which shiur are you asking on?


For matzah, no biggie. A third of a machine matzah should he eaten in 4 min. Korech and Afikoman - half of that.

For 4 cups, one should drink 2.6 oz preferably. If it’s hard, the minimum is 1.7 oz. That’s not too bad :smile:

The shiur is Kzait. A Zait is smaller than that. Earlier you said a larger size for the wine (cup)

I’ll mention that to the Chazon Ish next time I meet him

Regarding 4 cups, the cup must hold 5.1 oz. You don’t need to drink the whole thing

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do you have the weight for the kezayit of matzah?