Sefer with a cherem


I just got hold of a sefer “מאור עיניים״ written by
ר עזריה מן האדומים
I understand that the rabanim if his time went against it , can I bring the sefer into my house ? Can I read it?
Do אחרונים even have a סמכות to put another rabbis sefer in cherem?
Thank you


It is questionable sefer. If you can’t read it - you can’t bring it into the house either. There are enough other seforim to go around.


Thanks .
I’m just wondering generally ,Who has the koach to apply a cherem ie can a rabbi nowadays apply one? Can a rabbi nowadays cancel one?
many gdolim were not accepted in their time but their status changed לאחר מיתה
So how do we know when a cherem stays for good and when not ??( weren’t the rambams writings burnt in his time?!)


There are many laws regarding Cherem. A Rabbi can put someone in Cherem and cancel the Cherem.
I would say that most often when we hear “Cherem” today, it’s not the formal Cherem that is discussed in Shulchan Aruch.
The more important point is that if a sefer for example, contains content that is deemed Kfira or the like, it shouldn’t be read. Cherem or not.