Sefira/maariv for shevuos after shkiya

Is this ok lechatchila? Does one need to count again later?

Do you mean right after sundown? Preferably, wait 20 minutes to Daven Maariv. Right after is ok too, but you should wait to count the Omer, and repeat Shema.

I guess I’m asking 2 separate questions.

  1. if you daven maariv right after shkiya, I guess that means you count around 10 minutes after shkiya. Is that ok? Do you have to count again later?

  2. can one daven maariv right after shkiya shevuos night (m”b quotes a chumra to wait till tzeis bc of temimos)?

  1. You don’t have to count again. Again, preferably to wait until 20 minutes after shkia to count. If you counted earlier, you’re Yotzeh 100%.
  2. No need to be Machmir on Temimos. (There’s a Teshuva about this in Ohr Yitzchak)

Can you please let me know where the teshuva is

Ohr Yitzchak Vol 2. Siman 214

Why is 20 minutes enough to not have to repeat Shema? Are you defining Tzeis as 20 minutes? If so, why wait more than 20 minutes to end Shabbos? Thanks .

The Halacha requires us to wait longer to perform Melachos after Shabbos. We consider the emergence of 3 “medium sized” stars Tzeis for Krias Shema, but for Motzai Shabbos we wait for 3 “small stars”. There’s a few minute difference there.