Shabbos Elevators and Electric Sensors

We just went to a hotel for Pesach, and there’s the Shabbos elevators.
The Rabbi told me in the past that i can HINT to the doorman/goy “hey, i need to get to the 7th floor, and i’m not allowed to push elevator buttons on Sabbath” or the like.
Now, even in the automated Shabbos elevators, we had hundreds of people pushing in and out when the elevator is starting to close. This activates the door to re-open. Need I worry about that activation of electricity?

For that matter, let’s ask about ALL electric sensors at doors, urinals, sinks, security lights in front of houses, etc.
Can we stop worrying about it already?! After all, it’s only Kibbuy(for no coal) and Not Ke-Derech, and on dubious electricity, no less!

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We are still worried about electricity. However the elevator story is no problem. It’s an indirect action

Please be thorough, Yisrael. Are you also saying that ALL sensors are ‘grama’ and not to be worried about (ex. doors into hospitals or anywhere else)?

Sorry I can’t give general rules. You can ask case by case, and I’ll check with Rabbi Abadi.
It’s one of those tough topics…

ok, I’ve asked specifically case by case about electric sensors in bathrooms (the toilet has one, the sink) and hospital and building doors that open when you approach, as well as regular homes you pass by and their security light goes on.

No need to worry about triggering a sensor as you walk by.

Tzarich Iyun about the others.

The Issur isn’t clear so it’s hard to give any clear answers. When there’s a specific question that needs to be addressed, we ask the Rabbi. Unless he allows that specific scenario, you gotta be Machmir.