Shatnez item

I have an item of clothing made of a wool blend (30% wool, 30% fiber, 40% polyester).
Does this need to be checked for shatnez?

Depends on the item. Layered clothing such as certain dresses and suits should be checked. A simple sweater or shirt would not be an issue.

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My son bought a Hugo Boss 100% Wool Suit.
He heard from his friends that it may have shatnez in the waist and collar.
Does it have to be checked?

It should be checked

If I remember correctly, the Rav has a teshuva on shatnez checking. It seemed the Rav was Maikel.
What are the guidelines for checking suits?

Thank you

I’m not aware of any such teshuva from the Rav. People have claimed that the Rav was lenient but that isn’t actually true.

There are definitely times when checking is not necessary. For example, you buy a suit from a Jewish store and they tell you they never found shatnez in that brand or suit. In such a case you wouldn’t have to specifically check your suit.

I recall other answers on this forum that said that if the tag doesn’t explicitly say wool and linen on it then it doesn’t need to be checked…

If it says it, it would be incorrect. Just because it doesn’t explicitly state wool and linen would not remove the obligation of checking.

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Safek if you require shua tavi and nuz together. That’s a machloket Rishonim if that’s de’orayta required.
Shua = combing
Tavi = spinning thread
Nuz = weaving.
No shaatnez today is done all three together with wool and linen.
So for starters any pure shaatnez today is only safek de’orayta.
Then if you have a safek if it there’s linen there at all, it’s a sfek sefeka.
What about efsher levrury now that we have such sophisticated processes from the shaatnez labs?
My father says “that’s not efsher levrury bekal.

So, in short, unless you are 100% sure that there’s wool and linen together, you would not be required to have it checked.

This is incorrect. Rav Yitzchak Abadi doesn’t agree with this.

Rabbi Aaron Abadi, his son, wrote that on this very forum…

And he is wrong. His father never agreed with it. I am a grandson and I’ve personally spoken to my grandfather about it.

Did the Rav disagree with Rabbi Aaron’s theory, or did he disagree with telling people to do that?

Disagreed with his theory.

Yes, the Rav was “more lenient” than the shatnez testing centers tell us we are required to check but this far the Rav never agreed to.