Short birkat hamazon

I saw the rabbi has a shorter version of ברכת המזון , I wanted to know if it can be said לכתחילה instead of the long traditional one?
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Hi, where can I find the shorter version of Birkat Hamazon?

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Would it be possible to get a PDF version? I don’t have an android device unfortunately. Thank you so much in advance!!

Sorry I just sent a message asking for a PDF version. I was able to find it here:

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See אור יצחק -


Wiki version someday? :slightly_smiling_face:

Wiki of the אור יצחק?

Dear Rabbi, many years ago I bought a laminated purple sheet of the above-referenced Birkat Hamazon Hakatzar. Can I still buy them and stamp them with the family simcha information? Is it available in a different format and print style and paper? For example, a fold-out with Shabbat kiddush and full birkat hamazon and zemiroth or a booklet or a simple card for one’s pocket etc.
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Please bring this up again right after Pesach.

Just FYI, this only has the “weekday” version, without Retzei etc.

I would also be interested in purchasing this if it is still possible.

I have been reciting this shortened version for sometime now, but a while ago I noticed that the version found in in the app is seemingly missing a line ("'Val sh’hotzeitanu m’eretz mitzrayim") from Rav Abadi’s teshuvah version.

Is mentioning the Exodus required in benching? What if one forgets it? If so, is there anyway to update the app to include the line?


The app’s version was reviewed with the Rav and either way is fine.

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