Silicone mixing spoon

Hello rabbis,

If a dairy silicone spoon was used to mix a meat dish which was hot what would the status be for the spoon and the food?

I also see metal above the silicone. If used in a kli rishon (a vessel directly heated on the stove) then you need to kasher the spoon. Otherwise just wash well and don’t use for meat anymore.

Yes it was used to stir food in a pot while being cooked. I kasher it by pouring boing water on it?

  1. Was the spoon used for hot dairy within 24 hours prior to using it to mix this meat dish?

  2. How full was the pot when mixing with the spoon?

To Kasher you need to do hagalah which can be found here Laws of Koshering (Hag’alah and Libun)

No the spoon was not used for hot dairy within 24 hours. It was a full pot, probably half the length of the spoon was immersed.

Ya so just kasher the spoon.

Okay thank you!

So a side question. If I wanted to keep it as a meat spoon would I still need to do hagalah or can I just continue using without doing anything.

Do hagalah first