Silk soy yogurt

Peach mango

soymilk,(filtered water and soybeans)cane sugar,peach, mango, corn starch, 1% or less of peach puree, pectin, tricalcium phosphate,natural flavor, citric acid, dipotassium phosphate, sea salt, live and active cultures, lemon juice concentrate,annatto for color, Vitamin D2,Vitamin C Ester, mixed tocopherols

Blueberry flavor has blueberries, natural flavor,blueberry puree concentrate,fruit and vegetable juice for color,

Strawberry has strawberries, strawberry juice concentrate, fruit and vegetable juice for color

thank you

Are the strawberries blended? Or are they full pieces? If they’re pieces of strawberries, you might have a bug issue. Otherwise, they’re all good for Pesach for Sephardim