Simply organic white cheddar Doritos


The small bags of the above type of Doritos have an OUD. The larger bags do not. I called frito lay, gave them the barcode and they told me it was a mistake and that that one specific type of Doritos are in fact OUD. Can I rely on that? image


We are unable to verify how this cheese is made and therefore we cannot approve this product at this time.


Even if it has an OU?


The OU has funny policies about cheese. We do not rely on them.


Who could we rely on to tell us cheese is kosher? It only cheese that you don’t rely on or also milk? And can you go more in depth into why you don’t rely on the ou cheese?


Does that mean even with an OU we shouldn’t eat it? What about other OU dairy items?


Can you expand and provide some additional clarity on possible issues with OU cheese.


OU is generally a reliable hechsher. Specifically with soft cheese, they rely on a leniency that is unclear to us. They don’t consider it gevinat akum. It may be ok. We just aren’t relying on them for this one.


To clarify, Cheese certification is more Halachically diverse than merely having kosher ingredients. For Example the method in which the cheese is curdled has very important Halachic ramifications. We are unclear as to the leniency used by the OU to certify it as kosher, and therefore can not recommend it.


All milk sold in the US is kosher and does not require certification. Obviously having an OU does not detract from that.


Our concern is only on OU cheese. All other dairy ingredients are fine.