Smoked Mackerel

Are we allowed to eat smoked mackerel fillets from a supermarket? Ingredients are:- fish, salt.

I’d imagine they’re hot smoked so the issue i guess is one of bishul aqum.

If it’s an issue how does this change if it’s important to eat fish for medical reasons and there is no supervised product about?

If they smoke it at the supermarket, you may be right that it’s a problem. I’m guessing it’s smoked elsewhere and then sold in the supermarket. That would be ok.

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@aaron.abadi thank you so much for your reply. You’re correct, it’s smoked elsewhere…

May I ask though, what’s the difference in the reasoning whether it’s smoked in-store or off-site?


Bishul Akum night pose a problem.
We don’t worry about bishul Akum on packaged items.

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