Sous vide machine for pesach

Can i use my year round sous vide machine on Pesach? Its only used with meats which are in sealed plastic bags in a water bath. The meats may have had some spices on them but no chametz ingredients.

If not familiar with sous vide. - its an electric heating element that heats up water to temperatures of around 110-180F and you place vacuum sealed raw meat into the water to cook at a fixed temperature for many hours. The sous vide machine itself only comes in contact with the water itself.

May be used for pesach as well

What if the sous vide were used with:

  1. A chametz pot that’s definitely aino ben yomo (but no chametz ingredients)
  2. Chametz ingredients (such chametz sealed in the bag)

Assuming that kashering is required at least for #2, how does one properly kasher a sous vide machine?

Thank you.

A Soue vie machine nevers needs kashering. It is essentially a heating element that is used to heat water. My understanding is that no other ingredients are ever put into the water that is being heated and even if the pot itself is a chametz pot, there will always be 60 times water against any chametz blius that comes out of it. Therefore, it is never an issue.