Southern Homestyle Corn Flake Crumbs, Goya chick peas, uncooked lentils, split peas

  1. Southern Homestyle Corn Flake Crumbs-milled corn, sugar, salt, caramel color (from corn sugar)

  2. Goya Chick Peas- water, salt and Disodium EDTA (for color retention)

  3. uncooked lentils, split peas

  4. If other canned beans have the same chemicals or other chemical or ingredients that are on your approved list, can we deem it K for P?

  1. Kosher for Passover for Sephardim
  2. Kosher for Passover
  3. Kosher for Passover
  4. If they are the EXACT ones then yes.

If the
Bag of lentils or
Split peas say”may contain traces of wheat” are they ok to use??


That’s a disclaimer for allergy purposes. Just in case some tiny particles blow into the mix. Certain people have allergies even to the tiniest of particles. If it’s more than that, it would be required to be listed as a real ingredient.