Starbucks Cholov Yisroel

Thanks so much for the kosher Starbucks website- it’s really helpful.
As someone who tries to keep cholov Yisroel- what are my options regarding the syrups and toppings. Of course oat and almond milk are my subsitutes for the milk component- but what about the rest of the ingredients?
On the website it only mentions dairy next to some of the beverages- I’m not sure what that is indicating.
Thank you so much!

The Ravs position is that if we can safely assume that the milk being used is kosher milk (because of regulations, technicalities…) then it has a Din of Chalav Yisrael.

Meaning- the syrups and the toppings and powders that are known for being kosher dairy but cholov stam are actually cholov Yisroel?


More specifically, there is no such thing as Chalav Stam. That’s a new term that became popular over the past several decades. It’s either kosher (chalav yisrael) or not kosher (chalav akum)

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