Starbucks Frappuccino

How come the site does not list Serious Strawberry Frappuccino
as kosher? Isn’t it kosher?

Strawberries have a bug issues so this drink is a problem.

How does this differ from strawberry ice cream, of which there are numerous brands under hatshgachah?

Not sure what you mean or which products you’re referring to.

Strawberries have a bug issue so unless the strawberries are cleaned properly to remove the bugs you can not eat them. If you buy a drink that was made with strawberries that were pureed then you can eat it since (a) You dont know for a fact that there were bugs on those strawberries and (b) if there were bugs they are now pureed which in this case would make the pureed strawberries kosher to eat.

There are products with strawberries that do have a hachsher and that would hopefully mean they cleaned the strawberries accordingly.

Starbucks uses strawberries that were not pureed in some of their drinks and may contain bugs. That is why we dont approve Starbucks drinks with strawberry pieces.

I’m not familiar with this beverage but aren’t frappucinos blended? Wouldn’t that make it okay?

Many of Starbucks drinks contain strawberry pieces that were not pureed. Just a little blended isnt enough.

What about the strawberry lemonade it’s fully blended? They also offer purred strawberry as an option is that allowed ?

They’re fine