Starbucks items listed as kosher no hechsher

This website lists items, for ex: drinks with lemonade as well as the chai latte as kosher. However, after going to Starbucks and asking to see the cartons used to make these drinks there is no kosher certification on these cartons. I was wondering how do you know these items are kosher?

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And if you see a kosher symbol how do you know it’s kosher? Symbols dont make things kosher. Symbols is just a means of conveying that the certifying agency checked into the ingredients. Thats what we do here too just like any other Kosher certifying agency.

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Hi there, not trying to be disrespectful, I am genuinely trying to determine your point of view.

There does seem to be at lease the following difference between what you do here and what “symbol” kosher certifying agencies do.

I will choose one example out of many. Lets say one of the ingredients listed is lemon. Lets say we agree that lemon is a davar charif. Now the agency, I am assuming, will go down to the plant and make sure the blade that is slicing the lemon was never used for meat/dairy vis-versa or treif etc. On the other hand, when you see lemon in the ingredients, I assume that you rely on bitul or some other valid halachic factor but you don’t actually make sure the blade was never used for non-kosher meat/dairy etc. So there is a difference.

Now you may say, well that’s the same thing! Either way, its kosher! Or you may say, little do you know, the agencies rely on bittul all the time! And that may be true. Like I said, I am not here to argue and fight, I really want to know your position on things like this and to increase my understanding.

Thank you.


We follow the halachic requirements as was done for thousands of years. Kosher certifying agencies many times have requirements that go beyond that which is required by halacha. They do so to make things easier for them to manage.

For example, some agencies won’t certify a product unless they certify the entire plan and all their products. Or they don’t rely on bitul in many cases because it will be to cumbersome to deal with it and it’s easier to avoid.

But all that is nice but not required by halacha.

Also, in reference to you lemons, see שולחן ערוך, יורה דעה
צ״ו in סאיף 'ד

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So, just to clarify….you are personally certifying that all ingredients that go into the making of the ingredients of the drinks are kosher?


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