Starbucks oatmeal

How does Starbucks cook their oatmeal? How do we know it’s a kosher pot?

They don’t cook it in a pot.

Thank you!
I’m assuming it’s cooked in a microwave?
What about the blueberries?
Is there a bug issue?
I’ve heard there’s a special way to wash berries

Don’t just assume. Always find out.

Whether they use a microwave or just pour the hot water into the cup it’s ok.

Where did you see that the blueberries are ok? On our website it clearly states it’s a problem.

I’m asking if I can get the blueberries at the side and then wash them myself


Cultivated blueberries do not require inspection. However, wild blueberries may be infested by the blueberry maggot (a whitish worm with tiny black head) and therefore each berry must be inspected individually