Status of plastic

In the kashering instructions, it says that plastic, like glass, needs no kashering. Would that apply even to plastic utensils used in the microwave (kli rishon)?

Good question!

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Plastic and glass are not Bole’a. They do not absorb the flavors.


Does this mean that all year round children’s dishes that are made of plastic are ok to use for pesach?


Does this mean that we don’t need to separate plastic Tupperware’s for meat and dairy?


Not so clear on which way that ‘nope’ is meant.
Asking again in the affirmative to clarify.

Do we need separate plastic tupperware for meat and dairy, even if we use it in the microwave?

Correct. There should be separate utensils for meat and dairy

So, are year round plastic cutting boards ok to use too?

I would assume that they are clean. The problem with cutting boards is they get cut. If they have nooks, crannies, etc they must be cleaned with bleach to render food inedible.

If it is not Bolea, why did we need separate for meat and dairy?

Does glass separate meat and dairy utensils as well?

The Chachamim said to have separate utensils designated for milk and meat. Even for glass.


The only distinction would be glass drinking cups, which are permitted to be used with a milk or meat meal.

Would the same go for plastic drinking cups?

Yes just make sure they are clean each time

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Once you get bleach on it, the odor is hard to remove. Would rubbing alcohol (e.g. isopropyl) work as well?

Soapy water works.