Subway tuna?

I recently came across this article about Subway tuna alleging that their tuna is not pure tuna but rather it includes a mix of other foods as well.

I cant find the posts about eating at Subway anymore. Whats the status of eating at Subway?

We are very interested in the outcome of this case. Of course this will make a big difference in how Tuna is treated. Stay tuned…

We used to answer something different in the past regarding restaurant questions.

Nevertheless, based on what Rabbi Abadi answered one of his sons in the attached letter, we decided to remove all the restaurant and similar questions.


In honor of my dear son … who is very dear to me,

I must say what is in my heart & mind.

Not everyone is wise like you to know how to deal with restaurants and similar places.

In general this is something that is impossible to be sure that everything is Kosher and straightforward.

Trustworthiness is not there as an option.

The headache for us is double. Moreover, even though our desire is to help Klal Yisroel as much as possible but it is forbidden for us destroy ourselves willingly.

With Love, Abba


So we cant eat in Subway anymore?