Sushi ingredients

I would like to know if any of the following need a hechsher: rice, sushi rice and see weed.

Also when buying fish that I know is kosher such as tilapia or salmon from a nonkosher fish market, do I need to ask to keep the scales on in order to eat it or could I buy it de-skined?

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A closed bag of rice that doesn’t have anything else mixed in is ok. (Make sure there’s no bugs)

Seaweed needs a hechsher

Regarding fish, see Non kosher Fish store

Thank you for your quick reply. For seaweed, can I send you the ingredients or does it in general always need a hechsher?

Always needs a hechsher

About seaweed- is this a new position? I believe that earlier it was stat in the old form that as of yett it didn’t need a hechsher as bugs weren’t found.
Why the change now? Is this an official response by Rav Abadi and is it because their were bugs found?

That’s what he told me. Maybe the other moderators have more to add…


@chaimyabadi Thanks for that!