Sweet baby Ray’s honey mustard dressing

Kosher for Pesach?

Source of distilled vinegar would need to be verified

Even though it is gluten free (bottom right corner of label under bar code)?

When it comes to distilled vinegar that’s not necessarily enough. We tried reaching out to the company. Couldn’t get a straight answer

This is their response -

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I would like to inform you that all our Retail flavors of Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauces 18oz, 28oz, 31oz, 40oz, 80oz and 160oz contain white distilled vinegar. It is triple distilled there for the supplier considers it Gluten Free.

It could be corn or grain. Per the vinegar company, it varies. The majority is sourced from corn.

If you have any other questions, regarding this product please feel free to contact me. Thank you and you have a nice day.

Best regards,

Consumer Line

Sweet Baby Ray’s


(877) 729-2229

Next year we’ll iyH try to ascertain if these would be ok. Vinegar is an ingredient that is confusing