Swimming Pool as a Keilim Mikva

During the coronavirus closings, may I use my swimming pool as a keilim mikva? I know that a long time ago they emptied it to patch the floor of the pool and then filled it with a hose. But I live in Florida and when it’s hot the water is always evaporating, followed by heavy rainfall which refills it. The pool is currently quite full from rainfall.

Thank you!

Please contact me thru email. Too many unknowns to answer this online

In a similar vein - could we fill a bathtub from the tap and use that for keilim?

same question.

The minimum amount of gallons according to my father is 171 gallons. That’s based on the larger size ama that my father holds by from Chazon Ish. No home bathtub works. see attached Google search

If you want to use the smaller ama for safek derabanan for example, you would need 120 Gallons according to Reb Chaim Naeh. Also not realistic

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Thanks - so the extra deep bathtub I have measures ~118 gallons using averages to deal with the slopes still doesn’t come close to the the 170 - thanks