Tablet K Dairy Certification

What is Rav Abadi’s view on dairy products certified by the Tablet K hekhsher? Are they acceptable for Kashrut observant Jews?

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We don’t comment on Hashgacha companies

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Fair enough.

My question really pertains to cheese made with a vegetarian rennet by non-Jews? Would that still make it gevinat akum?

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Is this a new policy? I recall some of the old threads on your old site from a few years ago at kashrut dot org went in depth about whether Hebrew national hotdogs were considered kosher. Didn’t that include commentary about the reliability of the certifying agency? I’m new to this new site format, could you please give an overview of your site policy or point me to a link where you explain the general principles to your approach? Thank you.

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In the case of Hebrew National, I met with Rabbi Ralbag and drove with him to Lakewood where together we sat with my father for hours, where he discussed and explained his entire process. It was impressive and we were glad to offer the people that visit this site the opportunity to know that it was kosher and done well, although not Glatt.

There are hundreds of certifying kashrut agencies and Rabbis, and it is literally impossible for us to determine which ones to approve and which ones not to approve. Then within each specific organization, which halachot do we agree to and which we do not.

We also had some intense conversations with the OU hashgachah and we normally approve of their process when it comes to cheeses. There are so many hashgachahs and we can’t possibly track or even know what their policy is when it comes to cheese or bugs or a variety of other issues.
That’s not the purpose nor the goal of this website. That’s each person’s own responsibility to find out and determine whom he/she can trust. We don’t have the capacity to do that. But when we end up looking into something for some reason, we will certainly share that with our people.

For example, many observant Jews do not approve of the halachic basis used by tablet K when it comes to cheeses. I don’t even know what those are. I don’t know who they are. I’m not going to take a position against them, nor will I promote them. As I always say, we are not looking to approve hashgachahs.

I hope you have a better understanding now.

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That’s a fair response but when people ask about many dairy products, usually the first thing you guys ask is “does the cheese have a hechshire?” So would you consider tablet k a hechshire, as oppose to for example a plain k which in my understanding is not really a reliable hechshire on most items.

Thank you in advance for clarifying and thank you for everything.

Several of the hechsherim, I know their policy on cheese. Others I don’t.

would someone who used gevinat akum in the past have to kasher anything?

Does one who was relying on the previous psak (that any mozzarella cheese ["a soft"cheese] that was made with vegetarian rennet is kosher) need to Kasher his/her utensils?



No need

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What about parmesan?

What about it?

If Parmesan is from vegetarian rennet, do we have to kasher dishes used with it?