Tablet K Dairy Equipment

I understand that the Tablet K Dairy certification is not acceptable due to their position on rennet addition for Gevinat Yisrael, but what about their Dairy Equipment (DE) hechsher?

The DE classification per se is halachicly useless. If there are no milk ingredients in the product, you can consider it pareve.

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is that true of products cooked in someones home, or only commercial products?

Commercially produced products bought in stores only.

At homes dairy equipment makes a difference.

Could you even eat it with meat?

Again, if there is no indication at all in the ingredients of any dairy item and/or a dairy allergen than yes.

So if I am understanding this correctly, the “Dairy Equipment” designation does not result from Nat bar Nat like it would on a vessel at home?

What if a friend cooks Tablet K “Dairy” (with cheese as an ingredient this time) in a pot and I cook parve food in that pot less than 24 hours later.

Is that food I cooked prohibited?

In so far as we are saying this dairy certification does not correspond with the correct Halacha, and therefore the cheese in it is not kosher, if it cooks in a pot then it’s no different than any non kosher food that cooked in a pot.

I am still confused then. If the parve food in the pot assumes the same non-kosher status as the cheese previously cooked in it, wouldn’t the Tablet K “DE” parve food also assume the same status as the non-kosher cheese previously cooked on the same equipment?

There is a major difference between commercially cooked foods and those cooked in a home setting. As an example, the sheer quantity of the food being prepared at this run is many many times more than what you will cook in your pot that day. And that alone can change the tabulations of the non kosher cheese flavor that is coming from the vats etc. there are many other considerations as well.

So it’s nullified. Understood. Thank you!