Tablet K ———

Is Tablet K acceptable?

We’re not familiar with many of the different Hashgacha companies. Tell us which product you want to use and we’ll try to help

  1. Galbani mozzarella
  2. Gortons fish sticks
  1. Galbani mozzarella - No good.
  2. Gorton’s fish sticks - If you are referring to this product then it is Kosher.

Galbani mozzarella has a Hechsher on it. Why would it not be Kosher?

We do not agree with them on the Halachah pertaining to cheeses.

I understand why we can’t rely on them due to gevinas akum. (Though I’m still not 100% what is or isnt, since you guys also seem to change mind, no offense)

But why can we rely on them for fish sticks? Theirs no masgiah (he comes once a year) and the fish has no visible simanim.

We are In the midst of researching the specific issue of fish ingredients. If we haven’t posted an answer in the next 30 days or so then please re-ask.

Why would it be different at worst than relying on companies to post their ingredients under American law? The mashgiakh, however often he comes (and I don’t know how Aharon knows it’s only once year), would only be an extra level wouldn’t he?

To answer both your questions…

At present we are not relying on ingredients only, pertaining to fish. More research is still required to ascertain the FDA guidelines. We can not be certain that the fish listed is not permitted by the FDA to be switched with a similar fish. (Which May or May not be a halachic problem).

As to the specific product mentioned above with tablet k, it has a hechsher and can be relied upon

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Not kosher.

We do NOT consider Tablet K to be a reliable kashrut certification.

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This picture is from 7 years ago, and Tablet K immediately sent out a notice about the packaging mistake. It is not uncommon for every Kashrut agencies to make similar mistakes and send out corrections.

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Fair enough. Mistakes happen. The reason @ralph.lasry said we don’t rely on them doesn’t have anything to do with that particular package.


The Tablet K explicitly apologized for that mistake. Also, their process has a Jewish mashgiach turn on machines that put rennet in the cheese.

How is that not acceptable?

And you know this how?

We do not agree with their opinions related to cheeses. See this thread for some interesting info.