Taiwanese Bubble tea


Can one drink Taiwanese “milk tea” also known as bubble tea at places like Kung Fu tea and Gong Cha?

My understanding is the tea is tea and the ‘milk’ is either milk or a milk based cream, the pearls are Tapioca flour mixed with cocao(if black) water formed into a dough, shaped into pearls then dried. Boiled, and put into a simple syrup (either sugar and water, or sugar,water and lemon). I figure that getting a ‘milk tea’ should be no less questionable than a Frapaccino at starbucks, but I figured I’d ask. thank you/.


Glad you asked.
It’s a very complex menu. Probably all good, but you need to ask. I’m assuming the milk is milk and the tea is tea. That’s an easy one. But as you get into toppings and other stuff, you want to be sure what it is. Ask what is good for a vegetarian. Enjoy


The tea is in fact tea, the milk is powdered ’ dairy free creamer’ (asians are lactose intolerant, but the creamer is not pareve, its coffee mate) the only ‘topping’ id get use is tapioca balls which in looking at comercially available dry ones seem okay. (Usually tapioca starch,caramel coloring and perservatives (like the one you, okayed for me on facebook)

I was curious about the readbean topping but that seems too complicated for me to investigate.


Hard to determine without an actual ingredient list.