Tattoo removal

Before I found my way into Judaism I went and got two sleeve tattoos. Very large and colorful. May I have them removed? Or covered up? Or is that still very much against Halacha?

You may have them removed.

I’m not familiar with the tattoo coverup process. Please explain the tattoo coverup process a little so we can determine if there are any issues.

Example… if I had a swastika (which I do not) could I have it covered up by another tattoo. As in, it would then be hidden from another tattoo on top of it.

So that I understand your question, this person wants to coverup a tattoo with another tattoo and for some reason that should be permitted? I don’t see how that would be permitted.

Or maybe you’re asking about a specific case where the original tattoo is an embarrassment such as a swastika and thats why this person wants to cover it up with another tattoo. My first question is, why not get it removed? Why should it be permitted to get another tattoo to cover it?

Let me know if I understood your question and I’ll ask the Rav over Shabbat.

Removal would be best. I was just curious to if both options were permissible.

I dont think coverup with another tattoo is permissible. I’ll double check over Shabbat.