Tilamook cheese

Tilamook claims to use a kosher certified vegetarian rennet in most of its cheeses. Assuming this is true, would this be sufficient to count as supervision for the purpose of overcoming the gezera?

Thanks in advance!

It’s still a problem.

Actually I am not even sure the simmon on the cheese is the same as the agency I have in the photo

Tillamook cheddar in TJ’s has a Hechsher from a CA agency. Pictures attached

We cannot comment on Hechshrimim we are not familiar with. The cheese making process requires a Shomer Shabbat Jew to be present when the rennet is added. We cannot comment on this particular Cheese.

Tillamook cheese with a hechsher is under the supervision of Kehilla Kashrus, which is a very machmir and reliable hashgacha. It is certainly gevinas yisroel.

Their hechsher looks similar to the KCS hechsher @Abieross included in the screenshot, but that is a different hashgacho.

Keep in mind: not all Tillamook cheeses are kosher. You must check for the Kehilla Kashrus hechsher.

We have verified that Tillamook hard cheeses that have the KCS hecksher are in fact kosher and Gevinat Yisrael. KCS is actually under the OK.