Torah Topics Recommended by Rav Abadi

What Torah topics does Rav Abadi recommend people to learn? Many Talmedei Chachamim emphasize different Torah topics for different hashkafic reasons. Did Rav Abadi put more emphasis on learning Mussar, Chassidus, Gemara, Tanach, Sifri Machshavah, or Halakhah , etc.? Which topics were more ‘important’ according to his philosophy? Which sifrei kodesh did he emphasize learning?

Thank you

This is a hugely broad question which space and time does not permit me to answer with great detail, yet I’ll supply some observations which I have gleaned.

Suffice it to say that Halacha is of utmost importance, as how is it possible to live a Torah true life without an understanding of what’s expected of you? Of course the method of learning Halacha would greatly depend on the amount of time that’s available. Ideally if time permits a study of the Gemara is vital, with the key rishonim. Then Tur, Beis Yosef followed by Shulchan Aruch, and its nosei keilim. With time not permitting Mechaber, Rammah would be excellent. Having said that, this is a general answer to your question. I refer you to the Rav’s sefer, Ohr Yitzchak, vol 1 - section “inyanim shonim” teshuva #19 and #10

Additionally,the Mishnah/Gemara goes into great detail as to how a child’s introduction and evolution to Torah study begins. A study of that Gemara would offer much insight to you.

Mussar is also a tremendously important topic .As an ugly vessel holding its contents of precious wine is not befitting.

But perhaps the best advice I can leave you with is a person should learn “ma shelibo chafetz”, that is, what gives him the most satisfaction. For with that motivation he will surely enjoy the learning and will benefit the most from it and IYH will merit to learn Torah Lishma, the loftiest yet attainable goal. For a greater treatment on Torah Lishma see The Rav’s sefer (ibid) teshuva #7.