Trader joe cauliflower gnocchi

Ingredients: cauliflower, cassava flour, potato starch, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt

The cauliflower in this product is finely puréed to resemble the texture of mashed potato. Is this product kosher?


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curious as to why cauliflower is ok. always thought it needed to be checked for bugs. is it because it’s pureed?

You are correct that cauliflower must be checked for bugs. But this is a store bought product made with pureed cauliflower. When cauliflower is pureed so are the bugs if there were any and that would deem the cauliflower ok to eat.

Pureed cauliflower that you know has bugs in them would not be permitted. It is only in this case that the pureed cauliflower is ok since we don’t know for sure that there were bugs in them.

so what if, for example, I purchased triple washed kale and didn’t check or lightly checked it for bugs? Can i then put it in blender to make a smoothie without checking every leaf? or if I go to a juice bar, can I get a juice with leafy greens or other things that would normally require a check?

Correct. You can.


Would this be OK for Passover - same ingredients ?

Same ingredients are kosher.