Trader Joe’s fire roasted red peppers

I accidentally cooked with these before realizing they contain red wine vinegar and no longer have a hechsher on the jar. Are they kosher.

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In what dish you put them ? And what was the ratio (approximately) to the other ingredients?

Could it be that the red wine vinegar is batel 1/6 even in proportion to just the other ingredients in the fire roasted peppers?

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These peppers were placed in a blender with a home roasted aubergine and home roasted onion (both were warm but not hot) the peppers were room temp. They were blended together in the blender.

In terms of proportion one medium red onion, one medium egg plant and all the peppers from the jar including most of the liquid from the jar but not quite all of it).

Sorry I can’t be more specific, nothing was measured……