trader joes solid white tuna

is this ok? ti’s solid white albacore tuna in water no salt added
ing:solid white tuna,water,contains tuna

Kosher for Pesach for all

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How do we know it doesn’t contain dolphin as according to Hakham Haim Ovadia most of the work is done on- board by the fishermen?
Tuna/dolphin cannot taste the difference and they look the same.

Where’s the source to say it’s ok notwithstanding not seeing fins and scales?

Why would fishermen process the dolphins with the tuna? Do you have any proof that dolphin is found in tuna or merely that dolphins and tuna swim together and that dolphins get killed while tuna is being caught?


Lol. That was a very old rumor. I remember it from the 1970’s. It was not true then. It is not true now. It was started by groups that were upset that dolphins can get caught in tuna nets. Like some kind of save the dolphins movement. There was never any real possibility of dolphin being in the tuna.