Traveling to Shul on Shabbat

I live in Scottsdale AZ within the Eruv. The Synagogue I attend was less than a half mile away. They built a new building about a mile from where I live. I used to be able to walk that distance with no difficulty but recently developed some problems with my legs. I think I could ride a bike and was thinking of buying one with an electric assist. 1.Can I use it on Shabbat if I do not turn on the assist? Also can I turn on the assist for medical reasons?
2. If that doesn’t work can I hire a non Jewish driver and pay him a monthly or yearly salary to take me there and back?
3. I prefer not to get a wheel chair.
4. Any difference for Yom Tov, for example can I use the assist on Yom Tov?
Any other suggestions?
I am Sephardic

Car and bike is a problem. Wheelchair is a solution. I know it’s hard to go by wheelchair, but I don’t know what other solution would work.

How about a bike without the electric assist? I read a while ago that Sephardic can ride a bike on Shabbat if there is an Eruv.

Rabbi Abadi does not allow it.

What about using a rickshaw bike? Perhaps he can hire a goy to pedal the rickshaw and he can sit in the back ?

Nope. Sorry.
There’s really no requirement to go to Shul when it is difficult or a bit far.

sorry meant to write Ben Ish Hai, not Ish Ben Hai, allowed a bike. Also what is the dufference between a bike and a wheelchair. Both are manually propelled.

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You are correct. It’s the Ben Ish Chai.

People who ride a bike look like they’re traveling somewhere. There’s a Gemara that does not allow you to carry a person in a special chair that they normally used to carry someone for long distances. The bike is more similar to that.
A wheelchair is used even within a person’s own home, so it does not look like you’re going traveling.

Can one push a baby stroller with just the baby inside (no other items) in a place without an official Eruv?


How about an Amigo Shabbat Scooter certified by Zomet Institute?

Can you post a picture?

Zomet rigged it to make it kosher for Shabbos?


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I’m not very familiar with zomet. I did hear about them. If there are some reliable rabbis that approve of these things, I don’t see why not.

The scooter operates via Gramma (indirect action). If a person is disabled or doctors determined that there is a Sakanat Eiver (likely loss of a limb), and the scooter is clearly marked that it specially designed for Shabbat Use, and the scooter is operated with a Shinui (i.e. turning the key with an elbow).

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As long as the appropriate rabbis worked out the details, I’m thrilled.
Grama is permissible on Shabbat.
I do not personally know the specifics or details of this organization. Guessing they’re doing a nice job. As I said earlier, as long as it is done properly with the proper rabbinic advice, it is a wonderful thing.