UGG boots and shaatnez



My wife has UGG boots and slippers. Can you please let us know what the halacha is regarding them and shaatnez?

Thank you


Do you have reason to believe there is wool and linen in your UGGs? Do all UGGs have wool and linen?


There has been a lot of chatter online about this. I wanted to see if you had any info.


We’ve reached out to UGGs and await their response. If you have any evidence or documentation of any sort please share with us.


It’s actually chatter from about a year ago. It didn’t take off then, but now I am seeing it a lot. Until we have definitive information confirming that there’s is always wool and linen in all Uggs, it’s halachically ok. I doubt there will be such evidence. I already saw a shaatnez checker attesting to the fact that he checked multiple Uggs and only found some to contain both wool and linen. For now enjoy your Uggs. We will update this when we get more info.


K’vod ha’rav. Todah.


There’s been a whole crazy shaatnez scare…I just received this from Uggs. The whole story was baloney. All Uggs are 100% kosher. No need to check. Lol. Enjoy.


Todah rabbah. Much appreciated.