umbrella on rosh hashana

can we use umbrella on Rosh Hashanah?’


Ralph, Happy New Year!
Shaya Adler here.
Now, haven’t I heard R Abadi’s psak that regarding “making an Ohel” it’s עשוי לכך to open/close just like a folding chair ,
so it’s ok,
except practically speaking, don’t do it, because you may get ostracized in town for it!??

I remember seeing on the old site that using an umbrella was permissible even on Shabbat. Is that not the case?

Hello, my friends. Shana Tova to all of you.
This is an ongoing discussion for the decades if not longer.
Although there are some very strong justifications to be matir, Rabbi Abadi is not going to be matir. (Trust me, I tried)