Used the wrong oven

Hi. I koshered one oven and left the other not koshered for pesach. I made a batch of cookies for Passover and accidentally cooked them at 350 degrees in the oven that was not yet koshered. they can not be used on Passover right>?

They can be used. No problem.

hi. thank you for your response and I am happy they are ok for Passover. I’m sorry I know you have a lot of questions, but I am just curious as to why that is permissible.

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You don’t bake cookies directly on the oven. Technically nothing Chametz touched your cookies.

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thank you

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Dear Rabbi
Is this Lekatchila or Bediavad?
In your reply, you mentioned that since “you didn’t bake anything directly on the oven Technically nothing Chametz touched your cookies”, so Generally speaking, nothing we use in the oven all around the year is not being baked ON the oven but inside or trays and aluminum trays. according to the above comment, why should one even kosher the oven, if all he uses it throughout the year is not touching the oven, and same as the cookies baked didn’t touch anything chametz in the oven, then nothing else moving forward won’t touch the chametz as long as it is baked in other tool, so why to kosher the oven from the first place? or why to stop with the baked cookies, if she bakes other things in future in the non kosher oven, shouldn’t it be with the same principle?
I am just asking to learn the Halacha and the roots for your ruling which I respect and look up to. Chag Sameach

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no need to post my previous question, I am a new user and didn’t know how to send it in a regular message to relate it to this particular post. I would just love to learn the answer
Thank you and Chag Sameach

Technically you’re right. If the oven is clean, there’s no reason to kasher. But many of us use the oven rack directly for pizza or grill cheese or a number of other types of food. Then we use it for grilled cheese matzah or pizza matzah.

It’s simple to kasher it and then you don’t need to worry and remember what you kashered and what you didn’t.

Important question and I would love your ruling. Is it Matzah Pizza or Pizza Matzah? :wink:

Thank you again for answering our questions! A zissen Pesach to you, all of the staff at Ohel Torah, and your many readers with helpful questions!

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Probably matzah pizza. Lol

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If the bread was put directly on the racks and for Pesach one is going to put matzah on the rack , isn’t לבון גמור required 900 f and not
לבון קל 500?
סימן תנא

That’s a big Siman. Not where it says 900 F degrees F
You don’t have to kosher at a higher degree than it was used.

Please look in סעיף ד
והליבון הוא עד שיהו נצוצות נתזין מהן
The same temperature will not accomplish this shiur
Please advise

והליבון הוא עד שיהו נצוצות נתזין מהן refers to the קש that you place inside the pot during the process. It does not mean the actual pot will have sparks shooting out.

See אור יצחק ח’'ב

Thank you
However If so what is ליבון קל that the רמ״א
Explicitly states is שהקש נשרף according to what you are saying it’s לבין גמור

I’m not 100% clear on the differences. Maybe one of the other moderators can chime in. In the meantime take a look at the end of Ohr Yitzchak vol 2 where there is a distinction made.