Using same tablecloth first for dairy then immediately afterward for dairy (or vice versa)

Hi Rabbi. Is alternating like this permitted (even without running tablecloth through clothes washing machine in between) based on tablecloth appearing clean of dairy-food based on quick visual inspection (and wiping/brushing off dairy-foods) before using that tablecloth for meat? Thank you Rabbi.

Yes. That would be fair to say.
But, Obviously if there a spill or other liquid type residue that would go through to the other side you would not be benefiting from turning it over.

Hi Rabbi.
Thank you.

  1. Am I correct that such spill/residue resets to neutral/pareve - for example via cold water cycle in clothes-washer machine?
  2. If no such spill/residue, is use of same side of tablecloth too ok (for meat after dairy or vice versa) - at least after the fact?

Thank you Rabbi!