Using spices

Could I use the same spices I use during the year for pesach ? Are all basic spices KFP- garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, paprika, chili powder, cumin, tumeric?

Yes. That’s fine.

Question. According to FDA standards pure spices may include incidental additives used in flours and anti-caking agents . Does this poses a problem?

Here are regulations

(2) An incidental additive in a food, originating in a spice or flavor used in the manufacture of the food, need not be declared in the statement of ingredients if it meets the requirements of 101.100(a)(3).

Source: Sec. 101.22 h (2) Foods; labeling of spices, flavorings, colorings and chemical preservatives.**

(ii) Processing aids, which are as follows:

(a) Substances that are added to a food during the processing of such food but are removed in some manner from the food before it is packaged in its finished form.

(b) Substances that are added to a food during processing, are converted into constituents normally present in the food, and do not significantly increase the amount of the constituents naturally found in the food.

© Substances that are added to a food for their technical or functional effect in the processing but are present in the finished food at insignificant levels and do not have any technical or functional effect in that food.

(iii) Substances migrating to food from equipment or packaging or otherwise affecting food that are not food additives as defined in section 201(s) of the act; or if they are food additives as so defined, they are used in conformity with regulations established pursuant to section 409 of the act.

Source: Subpart G—Exemptions From Food Labeling Requirements §101.100 Food; exemptions from labeling.

Any incidents that may pose a problem would still be batel by the time the product is ready for consumption. so not an issue.

That too was my presumption; in the case of flour/anti-caking Bitul be-rov and davar lah batel be shishim.

I also presume oheltorah takes this view on cleaning equipment, although there it would also be taam paghum even if it wasn’t properly cleaned. As for chemical derived from either hames or non-kosher food, I assume there you are not concerned because its no longer food or taam paghum anyway.


As way of a follow up:

1a. Does the same apply if you used that spice container over a pot of hot steaming food that you are cooking, the question being that the steam from the food affected the spice?

1b. How about in regards to a container of salt over a pot of hot steaming food that your cooking?

  1. Do you need separate containers of salt for when cooking dairy, meat, fish and or stam parve foods? The idea being that the steam from the food affected the salt.

If used directly over the pot it may be an issue and therefore better to use seperate for meat/milk or year round/pesach, but if used wouldn’t be an issue.